Kenco Primadea

Dual Screen Tire Inflation System 89TWIN-DS
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Ideal for service centers and mounting facilites.
- Dual LCD screens indicate gauged and targeted pressure
- 1/2 in. inlet/outlet
- Operating range: 5-145 PSI

Features and Benefits of all Haltec Automatic Tire Inflators:
- Custom faceplates with corporate logo and color available
- Can be hardwired and mounted to mobile service trucks
- Systems confirm calibration every six minutes when in use and everytime they are powered on
- Accurate to +/- 0.3 PSI
- Diecast aluminum housing provides strongest protection and durability to protect against weather and abuse
- International Protection Rating: IP66, provides complete weather protection (except submersions)
- Automatically inflates or deflates to target PSI when attached to tire postion
- All systems can be programmed to specific PSI parameters to help organizations better manage consistent and accurate tire inflation
- Wirelessly recieves/transmits gauged and corrected pressure via Bluetooth, Zigbee, or hardwired to PC
- Designed to be operated with specific Haltec air chucks
- Nitrogen compatible - PSI is PSI
- All systems allow technician remote control of inflation/deflation process, keeping themselves out of ""blast zone"" of tire


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