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Hydraulic Jack 65 Ton Model 65-1H
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Air hydraulic jack for heavy duty applications with high clearance

  • Minimum height of 16.65 in
  • Maximum height of 28.50 in and with extensions up to 40.31 in
  • Designed for heavy-duty, intensive commercial use
  • Hard chromium plated piston rod for long life
  • Built-in safety overload valve
  • Hand-operated dead-man’s control for optimum safety whilst lifting and lowering
  • 65-1HTH model with telescopic handle increasing the reach under the vehicle to 2337 mm ensuring safe and easy operation
  • With 2 extensions (3.94/7.87 in)

Technical data

Capacity143000 lbs 
Min. height16.65 inches 
Max. height28.50 inches 
Frame length38.66 inches 
Handle length53.35 inches 
Width11.81 inches 
Width (with wheels)14.96 inches 
Air supply130 - 174 psi 
Air consumption350 l/min 
Weight304 lbs 
Lift jack
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